Voices for our rights: Holly Alvarado

WASHINGTON, DC – FEBRUARY 12: Holly Alvarado testifies before the House Energy and Commerce Subcommittee on Health. (Photo by Cal Cary/ImageSmith Media)

“I am a decorated campaign veteran who was taught Geneva Conventions, NATO rules of engagement and trusted to be competent in my abilities enough to teach them to future Airmen. Yet, when making a decision over my own life I was not trusted to know what was best for myself. Several state laws had made that clear to me. The decision to continue or end a pregnancy is a healthcare decision that cannot be made by one individual for another individual.

I cannot reconcile that our government trusted me to hold weapons of protection for our country and serve as a respected member of our armed services, but could not trust me to make the right decision over my own body.”

Holly Alvarado, Advocate