Act for Women (#ActForWomen) is a national campaign to support the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA)—federal legislation that secures equality, autonomy, and dignity for all people, protecting the right to access abortion care free from medically unnecessary restrictions and bans.

  • WHPA assures that the right to abortion first recognized in Roe v. Wade is a reality for people across the United States.
  • WHPA puts a stop to the growing national crisis in abortion care, in which hundreds of damaging state-level restrictions have been passed by lawmakers—more than 450 since 2011—that create delays and barriers to care, limit the decision-making of providers, and are designed to cause shame and stigma.

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A Coordinated Movement 

The Act for Women campaign unites a broad coalition of more than 100 organizations committed to reproductive health, rights, and justice in support of the Women’s Health Protection Act. 


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Campaign Goals
Access to a constitutionally guaranteed right and quality health care should not depend on one’s zip code. To secure quality reproductive health care for all, the #ActForWomen campaign will: 

  • Raise awareness among federal policymakers and committed supporters of reproductive health, rights, and justice of the assault on access to abortion care as a national crisis, and not one limited to a few states. 
  • Position the federal Women’s Health Protection Act as a critical policy response to the abortion access crisis in public discourse around reproductive health and rights—and demand that lawmakers support and pass WHPA. 
  • Represent to federal and state lawmakers that the Women’s Health Protection Act is supported by a broad and powerful coalition of the reproductive health, rights, and justice movements—and demonstrate our unity. 

The primary focus of this campaign is protecting and extending access to abortion care, but we recognize that the fight does not end there. People of color, indigenous people, cis and trans women and femmes, low-income people, LGBTQIA+ folks, immigrants, and young people often encounter additional barriers to obtaining health services. 

We support and encourage parallel efforts to remove all obstacles to accessing affordable, nondiscriminatory, and quality sexual and reproductive health care. 

#ActForWomen and ask your U.S. Representatives to support WHPA and sign on as a co-sponsor. Act for Women. Act now!