From Today’s Reintroduction of the Women’s Health Protection Act

Lead Sponsor Representative Judy Chu (D-CA) kicks off the reintroduction of WHPA

Comments by Lead Sponsor Representative Judy Chu (D-CA):

“Our bill finally puts a stop to the state-based attacks that anti-abortion advocates have been trying to use to undermine or even reverse Roe. And it prohibits any non-medical restrictions on our bodies. That means no “heartbeat bills,” no requirements that clinic doors be a certain width, no waiting periods or unnecessary ultrasounds; it means no abortion bans.

Finally, a woman’s right to receive abortion services and a provider’s right to perform abortion services would be enshrined in federal law. And I also thrilled at the support we have for this bill. We began just this week to gather cosponsors, and in three days we got 169 cosponsors for this bill. And support of course is growing in the Senate as well. What’s more, the support is not just from blue states or cities; we have support from all over the country, because the truth is the majority of Americans support access to safe and legal abortions.”


Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President U.S. Programs, Center for Reproductive Rights.

Comments by Lourdes Rivera, Senior Vice President U.S. Programs, Center for Reproductive Rights:

“Like all of you, we at the Center are alarmed by the increasingly cruel and extreme bans and restrictions being imposed by anti-abortion politicians — in violation of women’s rights and human rights. These measures are unconstitutional, and right now, we have dozens of challenges in the courts, including one that is already at the Supreme Court.

In large swaths of this country, abortion is already nearly inaccessible due to blatantly unconstitutional restrictions that hurt women and their families and prevent people from making personal decisions about their health, their lives, and their futures. …

We are not leaving anything to chance. We need a national law to protect equal access to abortion across America. Please join me in moving forward by supporting the Women’s health Protection Act to assure the constitutional rights of allpeople, no matter what state they call home. We will not go back!”